Know Yourself in Your Absence

[There is another way of knowing that is beyond thinking and book-learning]

Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey
When You Change - Everything Changes

Who am I?

What is the True Nature of Being?

What happens when I die?

In order to answer these questions you have to

change they way they are viewed!

 Realizing the supreme wisdom of the true nature of being

is the absolute greatest achievement of a lifetime. 

Realization is a Way of Seeing!

The Outcome of such realization is Lasting Peace and Happiness!


The spiritual journey reveals the fullness of human potential.

Spiritual growth is a journey with many twists and turns.

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

How does it Happen? What is the Code?

This is what this material answers as:

There are seven clear stages to the path to spiritual wholeness.

The Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey involve

changing the way you view your being as you see:

  1. Ignorance of the true nature of being;

  2. The error that arises due to such ignorance;

  3. Suffering due to that error;

  4. Indirect, or second hand knowledge as learning via a book;

  5. Direct Knowledge as Insight and Understanding via Direct Experience - Knowing via Being;

  6. The ending of the error that arose due to ignorance;

  7. The ending of suffering and attainment of Lasting Peace and Happiness.

Spiritual Awakening - What it is and What it isn't

Space Time Object

The Spiritual Journey is not a journey in space.

It is not a physical journey from one place to another [like from earth to heaven].

It is not a journey in time, which means that you do not have to wait until after death to explore it.

It is not an object that is to be attained - it is not an idea or some subtle form that you have to attain.

The spiritual journey is the journey from ignorance to self-knowledge.

It is available right here, right now and it is what you already are yet you do not realize it.

Spiritual Knowledge is not Conventional Knowledge

To 'teach' in a Spiritual Way means to Point the Way!

In other words you change the Way You See!

Spiritual Knowledge is not knowledge that is in the realm of that which is known or not known. 

And yet the wisdom of enlightened sages demonstrate that it is not unknowable.

Hello, My name is James Traverse

James Traverse
First you may want to know a little about my background.

I have been actively involved with yoga study, teaching and practice for over 40 years. I have been blessed with connecting to many teachers who have helped me along the way, yet the one person who I call my teacher was a musicologist, medical doctor and sage named Jean Klein. Jean Klein helped me understand the true nondual nature of being via experience. He did this with his Presence and somewhat with his words. I had studied yoga with B K S Iyengar for many years and I had explored the teachings of folks like J. Krishnamurti, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and many others but only Jean Klein’s approach truly helped me understand all of these teachings.

I created this page so that I could share with you the fact that there is another way of knowing that is distinct from the knowing and knowledge gained via science or language. I created a work that I call the Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey in which I share this way of knowing and all that I've learned. This work is in four parts that correspond to the Four States of Consciousness that You experience as follows:

Together all four parts correspond to the Om Symbol

- the Layers of Meaning of Om is explained throughout this material.


Attention ~ Problem ~ Solution ~ Insight

Spiritual Attention Stages Spiritual Problem Stages Spiritual Solution Stages Spiritual Insight

The Attention

The foundation of the Spiritual Journey is to clearly understand

and give Attention to the Problem.

The Problem


The Solution


In this light when there is a clear understanding of the problem the Solution comes out of it.

The Buddha's Solution - Insight Meditation

The Buddha clearly understood the need for Insight and Personal experience that is beyond the limitations of the thinking mind.

Thus the Buddha taught Vipassana Meditation, or Insight Meditation because it is based on experience.

The Insight

Insight is Seeing via the Third Eye - the Pineal Gland

The Mechanism of Spiritual Knowledge is Insight

Insight Insight - Third Eye

Eyesight and Insight

What is Insight?


Insight is the Wisdom of Seeing that is when the Thinking Mind is Silent


Insight means Direct Experience as facilitated by the information,

 exercises and experiments of this journey as illustrated by

the Contents of this work shown in the images below.

Click on the image and RightClick to see a larger view


Awe-Inspiring, Magical, Paradigm-Shifting and Terrifying, the spiritual awakening journey is at the core of every human’s quest for freedom, love, and happiness.

By unveiling your Authentic Being, you will discover how to experience the joy, liberation, and peace that you have been searching for all along.

RightClick the images for a larger view.

The material uses the metaphor of a whirlpool to represent the Flow of life and the Form called your bodymind.

As you explore this metaphor you will see that throughout the material there are over 30 exercises and experiments that help you to make the understanding experiential rather than just intellectual.

The exercises guide you in ways whereby what are called ‘AhA!’ moments flower, yet they do not stop there as you continue your journey you turn your ‘AhA!’ moments into ‘WoW’s!’ by applying the understanding in your life and see that it works, because that is experiential understanding!

As you explore this experiential approach you quickly discover that you cannot come to the understanding of your true nature via the activity of your thinking-reasoning mind, yet you also realize that the thinking-reasoning mind can confirm the understanding once it has been understood via experience.

Why does this matter?

                 All the forces of Life are Living Answers -

Health, Peace, Love, Joy, Power, Beauty, Wisdom...

Out of Body and Near Death Experiences

are Much More Common than Reported -

Part of the Problem is that these, Psychic Powers

and things like Reincarnation aren't Correctly Understood!

The Insights of the Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Clarify These Experiences.

Understanding the true nature of your being matters because:

The Spiritual Journey is The Way Home!

~ ~ ~

I’ll tell you the introductory price in just a moment but first let me share a brief story that is symbolic of this approach of experiential understanding – don’t worry, it’s affordable.

This story takes place on a very cold winter day and a homeowner is experiencing a serious problem because his heating system, which is a furnace in the basement of his house, is not functioning properly. The homeowner has tried everything he knows to get the furnace working properly but he has failed to get it working at all; he is very concerned because the temperature is below freezing and it is possible that water pipes may break and cause extensive damage to his home.

The homeowner calls a furnace repairman.

The furnace repairman arrives promptly, goes downstairs and returns after just a few minutes and declares that the furnace is fixed. The homeowner puts his hand over one of the heating vents and sure enough he can feel heat there, and he can also hear the sound of the furnace running. He says to the furnace repairman. “Thank You – how much do I owe you?” The furnace repairman says, “That will be $1000.00.”

The homeowner is somewhat surprised at the amount of the bill because the repairman only took a few minutes to fix the furnace; yet he is quite happy that the furnace is now working and that he has avoided more severe problems. He says to the furnace repairmen, “Would you mind giving me an itemized bill?” The furnace repairman says, “No problem – I’ll be back shortly.”

The furnace repairman goes out to his van and quickly returns with the itemized bill. The homeowner double-checks that the furnace is running well and pays the furnace repairman who then leaves.

The homeowner looks at the itemized bill that the furnace repairman gave him – it says:

This approach of Insight via experiential understanding is much like the story of the homeowner and the furnace repairman [who knows via experience]. The material I share with you is a means of experiential self-knowledge, which is akin to ‘knowing which screw to adjust’ as in the story above - in this case that 'screw' is Insight.

Content vs Process

There is plenty of Content as the information that is shared in this material,

yet what is truly valuable is that which facilitates Insight and that is Process.

The Process of the Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey is the Methodology of Vedanta as:




This may not be for you…

One last thing before I share the price with you and that is that although this material can benefit everyone it is not for everyone, because you have to do you part in helping me share self-knowledge with you. This means that I cannot tell you what the true nature of your being is [I can tell you but it will not have any meaning unless and until you have had the experience] and that means that it is necessary for you to explore the exercises and the rest of the material such that your understanding is experiential. In this way you make the understanding your own and then you will no longer need my guidance. In this light I ask that you only get this material if you are willing to explore it fully – I can assure you that it is not what you think, because its nature is beyond thinking.

The introductory price is just $37.00 [it goes to $97 once my quota is reached]

Please understand that the price may increase as this is an introductory price that is available as long as you are seeing this page. I reserve the right to remove this offer and/or adjust the price as I can only work  with a limited number of people at a time. In order to make this material available to the vast majority of people, I have made it affordable without compromising quality AND results.


Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey is a complete work that does not need anything else to prop it up. Yet my 40 years of continuous yoga practice makes me want to share with you a few other things like the correct translation of Ramana Maharshi's 'Who Am I?' - very few people know what Ramana Maharsh meant by what he called 'Atma Vichara' - most people think it is a question  that requires a mental answer, yet  it is other than that - the correct translation is just one page, yet it makes a huge difference in your Spiritual Journey. Nisarga Yoga and  Yoga Nidra are included - these are products that can be and have been sold independently. I'll also include a surprise bonus or two. 

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Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey
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60 Day Guarantee


Of course this comes with my personal guarantee of your satisfaction.

You have a full 60 days to review this material and if it turns out that it is not for you

then please let me know and I will refund your money.

You can Order Securely via PayPal or Any Popular Credit Card.

ps – This approach provides information about the nature of being, yet its core is about facilitating Insight via the information, exercises and experiments. The difference between intellectual understanding and the experiential understanding accessible via this approach is the difference between seeing with the mind [intellectual] and seeing through the mind [experiential]. This is truly life changing.

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pps – Is your understanding of the true nature of being an intellectual understanding or is it experiential understanding? The vast majority of human being understand the true nature of being via intellectual understanding, which means that their understanding is conceptual and since the concept of a thing is not the thing itself, their lives are full of conflict and suffering. On the other hand sages have an experiential understanding of the true nature of being and use intellectual understanding only for functional purposes; thus for sages there is an ease of being – which one are you?

This material is for those who want experiential understanding via Insight

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Insight Insight - Third Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Know Thyself?

You cannot make knowledge out of the true nature of being, yet it can be experienced.

In this light the way to Know Thyself is via experiential understanding, and that is a way of knowing that is different than knowing via the content and activity of the mind – because it is the way of Insight.

The approach of Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey is to describe the situation and to come to the solution of the question ‘How to Know Thyself’  via Insight that is fostered by exploring the exercises and experiments

Can you give an example of experiential understanding?

Yes – Consider the question, ‘What is Time?’

Time is an elegant concept that describes experience. The experience is true yet the description, the concept, is not the thing itself.

What is Time?

Time [psychological time] is a concept as the description and measure of motion that is experienced as constant change. An analogy that helps with the understanding of time is a ship traveling at a constant speed in the open ocean. The place where the ship has been, the wake, is called the past, the place where the ship is yet to go is called the future, and the ship’s current position is called now. In this way what is called the past, present and future are descriptions of the ship’s position and motion.

The experience of constant, orderly, change allows us to define units of time as seconds, minutes, hours and days etc. and we use this elegant concept to be able to plan things like the ship’s future position. Thus the concept of time is very useful for functional purposes, yet it is highly significant to understand that this concept is ultimately untrue, because it is a concept and not the thing itself. The thing itself is motion as that is the experience.

Thus the experiential understanding is to see the functional usefulness of the concept of time and yet be very clear that this is never truly experienced other than as the mental description of experience [note that you had to learn to tell time as a child].

The power of experiential understanding is that it is not a belief or some form of wishful thinking. For example it is self-evident that experience as what is described as ‘now’ is never not the case [this applies to current experience as you are reading this; it also applies when you have a psychic experience or a memory as these things are experienced and described as happening ‘now’].

Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  This is true because it is only after the experience that the mind describes the experience and renders it as knowledge.

Can you give another example of experiential understanding?

Yes. Ask the question ‘Are you aware?’ and note how it is answered.

Notice that you understand the question intellectually, which means your mind [head]. The answer comes when you drop out of your head and into your core [heart] and experience that indeed you are aware. Then your mind conceptualizes the experience of being aware and answers the question ‘Yes I am aware’.

In this way the experiential answer comes from the wisdom of the heart and it is rendered as knowledge by the activity of the mind [the head].

Can you give a simple example of the difference between intellectual understanding and experiential understanding?

Yes. Science is intellectual. Art is experiential.

Science is experiential when it is applied. Art is intellectual when it is analyzed.

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Insight Insight - Third Eye

For You is this One Day or Day One?

Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

We are inevitably drawn to something that no other aspect of our lives can offer

- a regular reminder that there is something bigger and more important than who I think I am.

"Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life."

~ Elizabeth Lesser

See Beauty. Touch Truth. Feel Love. Be Peace.


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